Former Cricketers PH to provide much needed homes

This has be the site of anti-social behaviour and a blot on the landscape since it closed.

I have written to the previous owners and also the current ones urging them to develop the site for much needed local housing.

I am now very pleased to report it is being demolished which should take about three weeks.

Clements Court Properties are the owners and have moved very quickly with the site and met me at it only the other day.

They are keen to work with local councillors and the community and it is a refreshing change compared to the usual, which is the first you get to know is when they submit a planning application.

They are building 8 much needed 3 bedroom houses and two apartments on the site which are 2 bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Former Cricketers PH to provide much needed homes

  1. It is probably too late to try to recover the half of the car park that the CUDC
    created when the shops and houses was demolished on the corner of King Albert Street. A careful examination of the back wall can just be seen in places the line to about half way along the wall and continued down and along the ground to Milnrow Road this line was covered over when the car park was re-surfaced by the brewery, the public entrance can be still found by the gap in the concrete bollards opposite Robert Nuttalls. on King Albert Street.
    Wearing my other hat I tried to find the maps of the area that must have existed in the UDC days but the shrine says that they no longer exist.

    • howardsykes says:

      I also can just about remember this and have looked into it twice now – no records exist or that is what I am told. 🙁

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