Fraser Street / Rochdale Road Road Humps

Since this was installed I have been asking questions about the ‘table element’ at the actual junction.  I like others who have contacted me have been concerned about how ‘sharp’ the ramp element is to the ‘table part’.

I have now, at long last, got some information that will result in the ramp parts being altered.  The reply I have just received is below:

I have now in possession of the definitive survey data for the problematic ramp at the Fraser Street / Rochdale Road junction.  The results and conclusions of the exercise are listed below:

  • From a legal perspective, the as-built dimensions are still within the limits specified in the Road Hump Regulations.
  • The 1 in 11 gradient of the problematic ramp is more in keeping with the geometry you would expect on a residential access road not a main distributor
  • The problematic ramp with be extended to create a gradient of 1 in 15.  This new gradient will then conform to the GMPTE’s “bus friendly” requirements.
  • Arrangements are being made carry out the remedial works as soon as possible in the coming weeks.

Apologies for the conflicting information that has been provided up to this point; action is being taken by the Highway Construction / Site Supervision team to avoid this type of problem being repeated.

Gary Sutcliffe MCIHT, MSoRSA, Principal Engineer | Team Manager Traffic, Highways AIP and Road Safety

11 thoughts on “Fraser Street / Rochdale Road Road Humps

  1. Mrs Butterworth says:

    Needs something doing about the humps on Campania Street Royton too its a steep hill with short high ramps and the road has pot holes just as you hit the ramp which makes it a 1in 5 or worse going up hill !!!

  2. Carole. Holden says:

    At last someone has got through to Highways , fingers crossed this junction will then be improved
    I have written to them twice regarding this issue to receive the same information as above , Less the remedial work information
    Thank you for your concern with this matter
    Kindest Regards
    Carole Holden

  3. DANIEL BOWLES says:

    the ramps are ridiculous even at slow speed you feel them , i am sure they are not legal on a highway and if my suspension is damaged i for one will be claiming

  4. George Sharp says:

    Well done Howard ,keep at them.

  5. A kadir says:

    We need some safety measurement done on church rd/ chamber rd in Shaw it is a very busy rd and we have cars racing down the rd. My children cross this rd from farrow st to go crompton primary in morning you can not see cars coming up church rd which is dangerous to cross. We need speed bumps or a crossing, there was a petition for making this rd one way but nothing done.

  6. RE -Rochdale road Chamber road junction
    Thats what ramps are for to slow the traffic down on approach ask them to them to reduce the gradient will allow them fly over as before defeating the reason they were installed..
    How about some humps on Church road at the church entrance gate and the top of Farrow street

  7. Impose a 20 mph limit at each Parish Council boundary sign
    They will not be capable of enforcement but it does work as a deterrent.

    • howardsykes says:

      We have twice tried to get Oldham Council to back 20 is plenty for all residential roads. Labour and Tory rejected both times but we will keep trying.

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