Discredited Shaw and Crompton parish councillors expelled by Liberal Democrats

I reproduce in full a recent statement issued by Lynne Thompson, Chair of Oldham Liberal Democrats.

Discredited parish councillors expelled by Liberal Democrats

Oldham Liberal Democrats have revoked the membership of two Shaw and Crompton parish councillors, Shaun Duffy and Denise Tindall.  The pair remain members of the parish council as independents, but have been disowned by their former party.

“As councillors and as people, they fell far short of the standards of behaviour the Liberal Democrats expect from their elected representatives”, said Local Party Chair, Lynne Thompson.

Shaun Duffy defrauded the Mayor of Oldham’s Charity.  Not only did he fail to pass on sponsorship money he collected, he actually cost local charities money by booking tickets to an outside event and refusing to pay.

He also published on Facebook information provided to him in confidence as a councillor.  He later tried to present himself as a whistleblower, but not before trying to hide what he had done.

Denise Tindall used foul language and threatened members of the public on Facebook and in a public place.

“These are far from all, or even the most serious, of the allegations reported to us by members of the public”, said Chair, Lynne Thompson.  “We thank the people who alerted us but it was not practical to investigate everything and we especially wanted to avoid exposing anyone to any possible backlash.”

The pair were also found guilty of dishonestly manipulating the affairs of their Lib Dem branch.

Duffy and Tindall were suspended as Liberal Democrat councillors and party members on 1st August after initial investigations.

Under the party’s disciplinary process they have had every chance to defend themselves: by responding to the charges and evidence, by presenting their case to a hearing of the Executive Committee, and by submitting an appeal to higher levels in the party.  They presented no evidence, ignored the hearing and have made no appeal.   With the expiry of the appeals time limit, the party’s duty of confidentiality is at an end.

“One thing we wish to make very clear”, says Lynne Thompson.  “They are desperately trying to misrepresent themselves as having left the party voluntarily.  This is the last of many lies; they have been booted out in disgrace.”

2 thoughts on “Discredited Shaw and Crompton parish councillors expelled by Liberal Democrats

  1. Vicky brown says:

    And the FACT that Denise Tindal and her partner Kev all sold drugs for over 10yrs fron their home address is of no concearn either ?

  2. Anon says:

    Shaun Duffy should be prosecuted for theft of the money ,

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