408 bus service protected with minor routing changes

As people are aware this is a subsidised service that is important to many local residents.

This change will take effect from 28 January 2018.

The current contract for this service expires in January 2018 and has been reviewed to ensure the continued best use of TfGM funds and to ensure a service continues.

To ensure best value for money is achieved and to maintain an hourly service, the route of the Monday to Saturday day-time service will revert to that prior to September 2016, operating as a clockwise loop via Wren’s Nest, Buckstones and Shaw Metrolink Stop.

Although the bus will show Shaw, Wren’s Nest as the destination, the majority of passengers wishing to travel to Buckstones or Shaw Metrolink Stop will be able to remain on the bus at Wren’s Nest (there will be a 2 min layover), and continue on the return journey via Buckstones to reach their destination.

Passengers wishing to travel from Shaw Metrolink Stop or Buckstones towards Wren’s Nest will be able to use service 435 which continues to serve this section of route in both directions.

New rout map follow the link: Proposed service 408 route map

New timetable below:

The evening and Sunday journeys which continue from Oldham to Stalybridge will continue to follow the existing route.

7 thoughts on “408 bus service protected with minor routing changes

  1. Barbara says:

    Looking at the new proposed timetable for sevice 408 I am glad I have left Shaw as I relied on this service. It now looks like it will be virtually non existent. The area I am now living in has buses every ten minutes and they are all well used.

  2. Karen Buckley says:

    Useless timetable for people who work 9am to 5pm!

    • howardsykes says:

      Fair point let me have details of where you need to travel from and be by 9.00am and will be happy to challenge TfGM about a public transport option.

  3. Ben G says:

    Do we know whos running it? From what I’ve seen, Rosso aren’t operating it as shown on their latest map (https://twitter.com/Rossobus/status/952638078178480128)

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