Shaw and Crompton Councillors have expressed their dismay at the announced closure of Barclays ‎Bank, Shaw.

The branch in Shaw Town centre is closing in September as part of a wide ranging restructure of the banking group across the country.

Councillor Chris Gloster, Liberal Democrat Councillor for the Shaw Ward said: “with the closure of Barclays this effectively leaves Shaw with only one bank in Shaw and Crompton.  Barclays is the only bank in Shaw now open on market day and as such, with the exception of The Post Office, people will be unable to perform any banking functions when Barclays closes’.

Councillor Gloster added:  “I suppose we have to count our blessings that the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Shaw avoided the recently announced wave of closures announced by themselves however the branch has only been opening on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for the last twelve months.

Clearly there is an opportunity for RBS to take on more customers from Shaw and Crompton as they now have the monopoly and I have written to the Chief Executive of RBS suggesting that they return to five day banking for this very reason. I await their response.”

COPY LETTER TO RBS: 017 – 24 May – Ross McEwan RBS


  1. Shirley Bradsell says:

    This is another blow for Shaw, I feel that Shaw has lost alot over the years and is becoming a fast food and charity shop empire. Shaw needs to be rebuilt to what it was when I was s child, you didn’t have to go out of Shaw we were self sufficient and amenities for all ages.
    Let’s hope things improve.

    • howardsykes says:

      Some of us doing our best to try and keep our town centre alive. It does need to re-invent itself. The high street has changed as have shopping patterns, impact of supermarkets and the internet. Best wishes. Howard

  2. Ian Bayman says:

    sorry Chris but i feel you will be wasting your time the only thing RBS are concerned about is how much profit they can make and how big a bonus they can collect customers come way down on their list we have been loyal customers for 51 years and that counts for nothing but i wish you well in your campaign if we can be of any help please let us know regards Ian Batman

  3. Vivien Orrisd says:

    Not just the Banks are a concern…the whole of Shaw is consern. Shaw is looking so shabby. The gardens in the park are a disgrace , surrounding grass verges are a disgrace. Have the mowers been pinched. The flower beds and pots in the little park are dead. I think some of the Gardner’s don’t know the difference between weeds and flowers. The Bine weed is creeping back in. Is Shaw becoming the poor relation it certainly feels like it.

    • howardsykes says:

      I agreed about the quality but you will find it reduced across all the green spaces I am afraid.

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