Electrical works Buckstones Road, Milnrow Road, Smallbrook Road, Cowie Street, Duchess Street, Oswald Street and Linney Lane

This is a brief update following a site meeting earlier today to discuss progress of the ongoing electrical supply in the Shaw area.

There are now a number of  joint holes excavations in Buckstones Rd, Milnrow Rd, Smallbrook Rd, Cowie St, Duchess St, Oswald St, and Linney Ln.

These excavation are for them to joint and commission the previous cables we laid earlier this year.

On Milnrow Rd they are waiting for BT to move one of their boxes they have installed on top of the cable.  Apart from Milnrow Rd all jointing and commissioning should be completed over the next 3 weeks.

Reinstatements will follow as they complete each section of jointing starting Monday 11th June.

7 thoughts on “Electrical works Buckstones Road, Milnrow Road, Smallbrook Road, Cowie Street, Duchess Street, Oswald Street and Linney Lane

  1. Dave Heywood says:

    Why do the electrical contractors do their bit, which involves the erection of temporary traffic lights, then leave site for days awaiting BT to do their bit. Why can’t the works be co-ordinated more satisfactorily so that traffic lights are needed for the minimum amount of time?

    • howardsykes says:

      I ask this question all the time. Cannot be bothered would be my answer and no powers with the highway authority (council) to force them to be smarter. Or they could do each others work or allow the council to do it – all would result in less disruption.

  2. Dave Heywood says:

    When you talk about works on Milnrow Rd do you mean those near Bridge St? If this is the case the temporary traffic lights could be in place for 5 weeks or so when if the works had been correctly co-ordinated they could have been removed after a few days. Surely the Council have overall control of this type of work and they should ensure that the contractors concerned adhere to strict timescales. The disruption to traffic for longer than is necessary is absolutely ridiculous.

    • howardsykes says:

      It is the holes as I understand are left open. I only wish, as does the councils highway department to be fair, that the council had more powers with ‘Statatury Undertakers’. I continue to raise and demand the powers most people think we should have. I get as frustrated as others do about this. I have a meeting with highways officers later today and will press the case again.

  3. martin swingewood says:

    It would be nice to have a few days without holes being dug.
    Milnrow road, Buckstones, Mancheter road is always being dug . just a few weeks without temp lights.
    Now we can’t go to tip without roadworks as outside the hospital is being dug up , one as to drive a detour to avoid.

    • howardsykes says:

      I share your frustartions and sit in the same traffic jams as you do. Statutary Undertakers like UU, Electricty, Gas etc havee the powers to just come and dig our roads up. Highways do attempt to co-ordinate but do not have a veto which is why you getting what we have in a few locations. When the council does re-surfacing work they ask all of them have they any works to do. Then they come along a few weeks or or so later and dig it up. Feel like I spend half my life on these things and will continue to try an min the impact for local residents.

  4. Edward Welch says:

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