Big Lamp Roundabout – Carriageway Resurfacing Works, 11-15 June (19:00 – 02:00) road closures and diversions

I have been informed that much needed carriageway improvement works will be taking place on The Big Lamp Roundabout, Shaw, as shown on the attached plan.

Much needed works we have been asking for will also be undertaken on High Street as well.

The works will be starting on Monday 11th June for a period of 5 evenings / nights, ending on Friday 15th June 2018.  The works are to be carried out between the hours of 1900 – 0200.

To enable the work to be safely carried out both temporary traffic lights and a road closure will be necessary, with a signed diversion will be in place for the duration of the works.

See links below for more details:

1079270-02-101-U-001 RB

1079270-02-101-U-002 RB

Any queries the office dealing with this is: Matt McGreal, Senior Engineer, Highways & Engineering., T: 0161 770 1955

3 thoughts on “Big Lamp Roundabout – Carriageway Resurfacing Works, 11-15 June (19:00 – 02:00) road closures and diversions

  1. sip says:

    I have spoken to a few people regarding this and we are a little puzzled as the big lamp roundabout is one of the better surfaced highways within the borough.

    What about Buckstones road near St Saviours, dreadful stretch and has been for months.
    Milnrow road southbound heading into the jubilee bends, the road surface has disintegrated (reported May 2017) and a dropped trench has been left by Virgin media cabling.

    Dropped manhole at the junction of Buckstones road/Milnrow road, reported 4 weeks ago.
    Dropped manhole cover entrance to George street playing fields car park/Milnrow road.

    Seems Oldham council Highways have their priorities wrong to many of the residents.

    Maybe our Parish councillors could investigate?

    • howardsykes says:

      I have asked the same question myself and I am waiting for the response. Also I have reported some of the area you mention along with others which I get told are in the system and will be dealt with, I chase most of them every 2-3 weeks and have a very long list now.

    • howardsykes says:

      Highway engineers said the works would be done by Friday I am pleased as I am sure you are the works did not take as long and finished early.

      The reason, and I asked as I made the same comment as you did, is that it was in danger of failing and had started to in a number of places.

      Due to it strategic place on the local highway network the above put it near the top of the resurfacing list.

      It is also difficult to patch which is what happens elsewhere rather than resurfacing.

      Appreciate never a good time to do such works however doing them after 7pm has much less traffic impact than day time. Saying that even at this time the traffic was still very bad and caused significant delays for many. Also a balance between that and 24 hour working which would have been another choice.

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