Cafe Mandels to close, hopefully new operator will be found soon

Last year Councillors were consulted about a reduction in opening hours to assist the business at Cafe Mandels, this was agreed.  Subsequently we have been asked for our views on a request from the tenant of Cafe Mandels to close down between the 31st August and Easter, a period of eight months.

All the Shaw and Crompton Councillors were of a view that this was unacceptable, however we understand that the tenant decided to terminate her lease prior to this decision being communicated to her.

Cafe Mandels is a well-used community facility in Dunwood Park and when the building was renovated and subsequently let out it was the intention that this community facility was not a seasonal one but available throughout the year.

‎Shaw and Crompton Councillors have supported this facility from its inception and will continue to do so.  We will now make sure that it is re tendered quickly and continue to support a new operator.

It is regrettable that the current tenant has decided to pull out of Cafe Mandels but her desire to close for eight months out of twelve is unacceptable to both councillors and users if the park alike.

3 thoughts on “Cafe Mandels to close, hopefully new operator will be found soon

  1. Joan Baker says:

    Couldn’t you have come to an agreement to drop her rent in the winter months when she’s hardly getting anyone in, what’s the point of being open just to sell the odd cup of tea or coffee when the weather is bad there’s no one in the park only the odd dog walker. And last winter was a bad one my husband loves walking every day in the park weather permitting but last year he hardly got out.

    • howardsykes says:

      That would have been something we could have considered however not what was demanded which was a closure and she gave notice to leave before that had been considered.

  2. sip says:

    I can’t say I have ever visited the premises but I did hear it was not dog friendly? If this is the case, surely the tenant shot herself in the foot ?

    Personally I would have looked to entice dog walkers especially during the winter months as they are the main users of the park.

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