Issues with tractors and trailers and other vehicles

I am regularly contacted about the above so have drawn together the following information below so residents can report matters direct to the appropriate agency.

It is only via such reports these matters get any priority attention.  I would encourage all with concerns to do so.


If vehicles are causing an obstruction, residents should report times and number plates to the Police.  This can be done online, through 101 number, online live chat or via Crimestoppers.

  • 101 Number
  • CrimeStoppers: Tel: 0800 555111
  • GMP Live Chat: and select the live chat link at the bottom of the page.

Land fill, waste importation, state of the land

Environmental Agency: Concerns over land fill, waste importation, state of the land.  Residents to report as much information as possible.  Witness statements, photographs etc. Tel: 0800 807060

Tractor or trailer issues

DVSA: Tractor or trailer issues, operator’s license, vehicle registration numbers.  Tel: 0300 123 9000

DVSA, North West Region, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Broadgate, Broadway, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9XA

6 thoughts on “Issues with tractors and trailers and other vehicles

  1. R Taylor says:

    Its OK Howard I understand you getting bogged down with complaints with regard to tractors. But the relevant parties listen to you they ignore the likes of us.

    • howardsykes says:

      In this case I wish it was true. A bit like the cops the agencies involved say and keep saying we have had no complaints if we did we would prioritise and investigate.

      Therefore the more people who do gives more power to when I do. Also I suspect many people also direct their complaints at the wrong agencies.

  2. Alan Griffiths says:

    Has any other of the five Councillor’s for Shaw and Crompton lodged a complaint to support you.
    You are telling your electorate to do your job.
    Presumably you have already voiced your opinion, if your electorate follow your instructions then it would be prudent for them to forward a copy to all of your colleagues, by which ever way they use, informing the D.V.S.A. that their Councillors have also got a copy of their complaint.
    Also an address would be welcomed by the section of your electorate that are not I.T. literate. .

    • howardsykes says:

      We all report this and have done for some time – the issue is nobody else does and they use that as excuse for doing nowt.

      I am therefore encourage the public to complain direct as it help us get some action or at least i can call them out when they say no issue as nobody has reported anything.

      North West Region
      Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency | Broadgate, Broadway, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9XA

  3. sip says:

    I notice a lack of Vehicle registration marks on tractors operating around Shaw now. One hurtled past me the other day like a maniac. Looked very similar to the one that overturned near the Fairview pub last week. Light blue, possibly a Ford.

    Have the councillors requested a Police presence to help combat this lawlessness on our roads? A traffic vehicle giving passing attention would be a good start.

    It appears as a free for all on Shaw’s roads recently, something akin to “mad max”. Lets not leave it until someone is killed before any action is taken.

    • howardsykes says:

      We have requested the police do something about this. Need members of the public to also report such things so we can ‘create a hot spot’ and then get some action.

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