DATE CHANGE TO 24 OCTOBER – Appeal of Planning  – Asda Supermarket, Greenfield Lane, Shaw, OL2 8QP (Application Number PA/339852/17) – Petrol filling station

Re: Appeal of Planning  – Asda Supermarket, Greenfield Lane, Shaw, OL2 8QP (Application Number PA/339852/17) – Petrol filling station 

  1. Change of use of land from car park to create a petrol filling station
  2. Erection of payment kiosk
  3. Associated works including CCTV

I wrote to local residents on the 18 April 2018 to advise you that an appeal has been logged by Asda following the refusal of the planning application described above.  I have now received confirmation the appeal will be considered at an informal hearing by an independent Planning Inspector and the date for this has now been set:

Appeal time: 10:00am
Appeal date: 24th October 2018
Venue: Lees Room A Tuesday, 23 October at 10.00am, Crompton Room A, Oldham Civic Centre

How to get to the venue

You can access the room from the Rochdale Road Entrance of the Civic Centre – follow the signs from the car park. (Please note, do not use the ‘One Stop Shop’ entrance on Cheapside). The room is fully wheelchair accessible.

Car parking, including disabled spaces, are available on the Civic Centre car park.  Alternatively the entrance is a short walk from Oldham Bus Station.  A map is available from the Council’s  website at

What YOU can do on the day

You have a right to attend the Informal Hearing in person or appoint a representative to attend on your behalf.  If you wish to speak you must be in attendance at the opening of the appeal and this will also be at the discretion of the Inspector.

I would urge those that can to attend if only for part of the day – it can make a real difference.

Inspecting the appeal documents

A copy of the appellant’s (the person making the appeal) grounds of appeal along with their supporting documentation; and the Council’s questionnaire, plus supporting documentation, can be inspected at Civic Centre’s One Stop Shop on West Street, Oldham, by appointment.

Finding out about the appeal decision

If you wish to be notified of the outcome of the appeal, you must request a copy from the Planning Inspectorate from the following address:

The Planning Inspectorate, Room 304a, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN.  Tel: 0303444 5301  Email:  Twitter: @PINSgov

Alternatively, when decisions are approved they are available on the Oldham Council website.

Want to know more?

Further information on the appeal process is available from at (see ‘Quick Links’ – Planning).  You can also find out about the appeal proceedings by following this link

In view of the detrimental effect this development will have on local residents and the surrounding area I strongly advise you to challenge the appeal and raise your concerns to ensure the decision to refuse the planning application is not overturned.

Your three local councillors will be doing what we can but it really does help the case if local residents, like with the planning application itself, attend and make sure their voices are heard.

I do hope this information is of use to you and if I, or my Shaw Ward colleagues Councillor Chris Gloster or Councillor Hazel Gloster, can be of any assistance with this or any other matter in the future, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

6 thoughts on “DATE CHANGE TO 24 OCTOBER – Appeal of Planning  – Asda Supermarket, Greenfield Lane, Shaw, OL2 8QP (Application Number PA/339852/17) – Petrol filling station

  1. Di says:

    I am against having a Petrol Station within the current Asda site in Shaw
    1 additional traffic congestion on the surrounding roads
    2 more air pollution
    3 to make any real savings in peoples pockets – you must do a lot of miles a week – if you do then can easily fill up elsewhere
    And what residents may save in fuel costs will be wasted with the additional traffic in Shaw

  2. sip says:

    I doubt a petrol station at Asda will have any noticeable traffic impact within Shaw. The battle was lost years ago when the powers that be allowed the huge distribution centres to take over the town. I fail to understand how a petrol station within Asda’s car park warrants so much negative attention from our councillor’s whilst we were all hung out to dry and not a detrimental word about the distribution centres rise to power!
    What is the bigger issue, hundreds of HGV’s thundering through our town every day with hundreds of commuters vehicles or a petrol station on Asda car park?
    Shaw was once a quiet friendly town before the likes of Asda and the distribution centres. We used to have a market and a bustling high street. Now the town is synonymous with commuting unskilled workers, traffic jams , heavy goods vehicles and a desolate high street. I believe our councillors at the time favoured Asda and the distribution centres……


    Already got a petrol station in Shaw , 100yrd from Asda? Why the need for more congestion and pollution in this small town, Not the best place to put a petrol station with the traffic problems that already exit at the junction access to Asda.

    Will be interested to see if this project gets approval like the warehouses did when appealing against the residents wishes.

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