Liberal Democrats seek assurances about allegations of child sexual exploitation dating back to 2013

Oldham Liberal Democrat councillors are aware of allegations currently circulating on social media with regards to historic child sexual exploitation and the suggestion of a subsequent cover up by senior Labour councillors and council officers dating back to 2013.

Consequently, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats’ on Oldham Council, Councillor Howard Sykes MBE has raised the matter the Chief Executive of Oldham Council Dr Carolyn Wilkins on the 9 September 2019, to establish how the Council intends to deal with these allegations in order to restore public confidence. 

Councillor Sykes said:  “Although no contact has been made by anyone making allegations, it is only right and proper that in view of the scale and momentum of these allegations that they properly investigated and refuted, confirming the outcome of the 2013 investigation.   Alternatively, if there were failings and/or fresh evidence comes to light, that the appropriate authorities take action, be that with regards to serving or former councillors, council officers or any other individual’.

On Thursday 26th September 2019, Councillor Chris Gloster, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, who is a trained safeguarding lead in Oldham met with the Chief Executive Dr Wilkins, Rebekah Sutcliffe, Strategic Director of Reform, and Councillor Sean Fielding, Leader of the Council Administration to seek reassurance that these allegations were not being ignored and to establish what steps were being taken to address them.

Councillor Gloster said:  “As a result of this meeting I am pleased to confirm that two separate independent investigations are to take place, one looking at the Council’s response in 2013, and a review of the criminal allegations by Greater Manchester Police’s Major Crime Review Team.  It would be inappropriate to comment further whilst these reviews are taking place but as the Opposition it is our role to hold the Council to account and we will expect to be fully briefed as to the outcomes and ensure the investigation is both rigorous, clear and transparent’.

4 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats seek assurances about allegations of child sexual exploitation dating back to 2013

  1. Martin fitton says:

    Howard as leader of the opposition in Oldham council you have a chance to stand up and be counted and get rid of what the majority of Oldham think is a corrupt labour council that protects themselves instead of putting the children of our community first I’ve read what your statement says and there is no substance to it if you want the people of Oldham to believe in you and convince them that your not part of the cover up stand up as leader of your party at the next public council meeting and demand a full independent been inquiry into the exploitation grooming and sexual abuse of Oldham’s children going back to at least before shabir daddy Ahmed worked at the council this yours and your parties chance to gain respect and get in power

    • howardsykes says:

      Already have and we now have got an Enquiry/Investigation that is Independent and will cover the time you mention and even earlier.

      In fact it will be for the Independent Enquiry to determine such matters, as I understand it, and rightly so.

      It needs to start it work and report quickly as possible, leaving no stone un-turned.

  2. Martin fitton says:

    Howard it is neither an inquiry or an investigation nor is it independent it is a review not even carried out by Dr peel he mysteriously refused after first accepting the job but one by gmca that has already been going on for 2 years the same gmca where Sean fielding works what have you to hide Howard the people of Oldham are crying out for someone to follow and get rid of this corrupt labour council are you up to the job or complicit

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