Stop the threat of Fracking in Oldham

Councillor Howard Sykes MBE and the Oldham Liberal Democrats have consistently campaigned on environmental issues, locally and nationally.  At a time when climate change activists are taking to the streets to campaign against the negative effects of climate change.  Councillor Sykes MBE reveals the Council’s weak policy when it comes to shale gas extraction (also known as Fracking).  Councillor Sykes MBE has challenged Council Bosses on their Fracking position.

Oldham’s Fracking policy within the 2013-2020 environmental strategy is incredibly vague.  Within the document, shale gas extraction is mentioned as something the Council will consider. There is a possibility fracking can take place locally.  No Fracking currently takes place in Oldham Borough, but this weak policy means it might happen soon.

“We have green countryside and a stable water table in the North West of England.  Let us not be the Councillors who destroy livelihoods for future generations in the pursuit of short-term financial gain.”

“I strongly believe this Council’s environmental strategy does not go far enough.  I think Oldham Council must take a clearer position on this issue that can wreak havoc to our environment.”

Councillor Sykes MBE goes further to call for a Boroughwide ban on fracking.  He says Oldham Borough Council needs to tighten up the ambiguous policy on fracking locally and calls upon the Council Leader to take a stance.

2 thoughts on “Stop the threat of Fracking in Oldham

  1. Marian Herod says:

    Thanks Howard, you’ll certainly havey support on this.

  2. howard morton says:

    I’m 100% behind fracking it’s a logical way of extracting energy needs using modern methods. If we can generate our own gas it makes total sense rather than importing from Russia. Gas just needs unlocking from the earth.
    How many people against fracking have gas central heating has anybody bothered to find out? Bring it on we need it

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