Coronavirus testing in Shaw confirmed for Tuesday 4 – Thursday 6 August

This is something your local Liberal Democrat Councillors have been working on for some time.

I am pleased to report that a mobile testing unit will visit Shaw Tuesday – Thursday next week.

The unit will be on the Market Place/Westway car park. We have asked the team running the site if the unit can be located at the Rochdale Road end of the site if this is feasible within operational requirements.

Residents will be able to access testing by car, public transport or on foot, and tests can be booked via the website or by calling 119.

The site will only become available for booking the day before, so the Council will make sure they do some promotion of the site from Monday onwards.

If this works well as a location for testing, then we can make further bookings for a mobile testing unit in this location.


20 thoughts on “Coronavirus testing in Shaw confirmed for Tuesday 4 – Thursday 6 August

  1. Carole Holden says:

    How much is the test I’ve heard several amounts

  2. Win Claber says:

    Well done Howard and the team.

  3. Mrs. B. Morris says:

    This is a great idea, have you got to have signs of Covid before you are tested or can anyone even if they have no symptoms get tested?

  4. Alison Barrow says:

    What times is it open

  5. John wynn says:

    Tuesday 4th now, where I’d it

  6. Sam Jebb says:

    Iv tried booking on the giv website however it doesnt show shaw only the one in oldham centre?

  7. Margaret says:

    Hi I just rang to book a test but because I don’t have any of the symptoms recognised with Covid 19 was not given an appointment ?

    I thought you could have test either way?

  8. Rita Orriss says:

    That’s really good work on your part. I have had no symptoms so cannot take advantage but do hope those affected do.

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