Oldham Youth Service Summits

Shaw and Crompton Liberal Democrat councillors have been informed that some exciting provision from Oldham Youth Service is happening in three of our local secondary schools. 

Shaw Councillor, Howard Sykes said “Crompton House School, The Oldham Academy North and Royton & Crompton School have been offered some tailored youth work for pupils at the schools. Part of this will see a Youth Violence Summit held on 23 June 2021 – guest speakers will be talking pupils from across the borough as well.” 

The schools were asked how they would like the youth service to work with their young people and this has resulted in different types of engagement. 

“Royton & Crompton School are having an afterschool drama and dance provision, focusing on the school’s values and creating a drama piece to be shown at the end of the school year – which sounds very exciting” said Crompton Councillor Diane Williamson. 

The two weeklong event is helping youngsters to look at how to overcome previous bad choices.  Other summits being held are Climate Change, Mental Health and Hate Speech. 

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