Former Very Site – Planning application – Shaw

Oldham Council Planning Committee will consider an ‘all matters reserved’ application with regards to the proposal to build 400 houses on the former Very site on Thursday 22nd July 2021 which will purely look at access to the site from both the Beal Lane and Linney Lane entrances, Shaw.

The application is recommended for approval by Oldham Council Planning Department based on a report by Highway Engineers.

Councillor Howard Sykes, Liberal Democrat Councillor for the Shaw Ward said:  “there are very mixed views in relation to the development of the site for housing.  Whilst most welcome the use of the site for housing as an alternative to building on green space we also recognise that an increase in housing will bring additional pressures to Shaw not only on the roads, albeit part of this pressure will be offset by less heavy goods vehicles entering and leaving Shaw.”

“Our greatest concern is the impact that additional homes will have on the provision of health and education in our community, both of which are currently stretched with local people having to attend medical and educational facilities outside Shaw and Crompton already.”

“400 homes will bring more footfall to the town centre which is good for local traders however the council needs to recognise that health, education and leisure facilities are lacking in Shaw.  This was also the very clear message from the public consultation on the development that was conducted last year.”

“A new integrated health centre is required in Shaw and is long overdue.  In order for us to support this application when it eventually returns for full planning consent to build homes we, as well as the community, we will require a commitment that these facilities are part and parcel of the deal to develop the heart of Shaw otherwise we cannot support it.”

One thought on “Former Very Site – Planning application – Shaw

  1. howard morton says:

    Can’t parachute 400 houses into a town where doctors and schools haven’t the resources to cope with current levels. Our amenities have been taken away not increased over the years this plan is ridiculous and will only jam up exsisting roads with an already overburdened road network

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