No free bags for Oldham’s valiant litter picking volunteers

Oldham’s valiant volunteer litter pickers cannot even get free bin bags from the Council to aid them in their work.

Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Howard Sykes MBE was shocked to hear that the previous policy to provide them free has been changed under this Labour Administration and is currently ‘under review’.

Councillor Sykes made his request for free bags on behalf of one of his constituents and her friend:

“This lady is a keen litter picker, and has also had a friend come on board, but they have both now ran out of bags.  They have been paying for their own as they have had great difficulty getting through to the Council to request more.” 

He was surprised when he heard that the Council is ‘unable to provide any bags’ and the policy on litter picks is under review.

Responding Councillor Sykes said: “It’s a poor show when this Labour Council cannot even provide free bin bags for our wonderful local volunteers who are working so hard to make their communities clean.”

2 thoughts on “No free bags for Oldham’s valiant litter picking volunteers

  1. Peter Hogan says:

    Dear Councillor Sykes.
    I have been litter picking since Covid-19 reared its ugly head, I cover Beal Lane to the roundabout, Grains road to the Morning Star and Mark Lane to the Cricket club.
    I was buying and using black bin bags, one day I asked the Council litter picker if he he had spare green bags to which he said he hadn’t but would get me some and I gave him my address (I am still waiting), he also told me that I could be prosecuted if I continue to use black bags and leave them near the waste bin, at this point I was feeling annoyed and contacted Oldham council to see where I could leave the rubbish that I collected twice a week and was told I must put it into my own grey dustbin which is normally full with my own household rubbish on collection day.
    In addition to the problem above the Council has removed the litter bin which was sited adjacent to the bench situated at the junction of the three roads mentioned above and as a result litter is now thrown under the bench which people us to eat their takeaways.
    I would appreciate any help from your good self in resolving this matter.
    Yours sincerely.

    • howardsykes says:

      Hopefully I have now resolved this matter and some one should be in touch to supply bags to support your excellent work in the community on this matter.

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