Lack of replacement bins leads to dirty streets

‘It’s no wonder our streets are so dirty,’ said Liberal Democrat Leader when he learned that Oldham Council recently revealed it only spent £845 on new bins over the last three financial years.  And zero in 2020 and 2019.

Councillor Howard Sykes MBE has complained about the failure in his own Shaw ward to replace bins at the Crompton War Memorial and the Kershaw Street Car Park.

“Labour may have promised a grand plan on tackling the rubbish and fly-tipping on our streets in coming months, but what is clear is that for years Labour has failed to spend money to replace the bins needed for people to put rubbish in.”

“Liberal Democrat Councillors recognise you need to get the basics right – and one thing we need to get right moving forward is this Labour Council making a commitment to replacing the bins we have lost.”

“Even more importantly we need an end to the boom-and-bust approach to keeping our borough clean – starve it of cash and its gets dirtier, then announce a big injection of cash.  It need constant investment and attention if we are to make a long-term real impact on litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping.”

2 thoughts on “Lack of replacement bins leads to dirty streets

  1. Lorraine Brown says:

    Thanks for this Howard. Bins have disappeared from the bus layby near Dunwood Park Courts, the children’s play area at the end of Wessex Park Close, Buckstones Road, outside the former hairdressers, not far from the Park Inn; these were some time ago.
    In the last month the one from outside the Spicy Kitchen takeaway has gone – I would have thought it mandatory to have one outside a takeaway. On the west side of Milnrow Road there is not a single bin after Wren’s Nest until you get to Newhey Bus turnaround.
    I am sure that most dog walkers will be able to give you many more examples!

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