Shaw and Crompton councillors set record straight on Shop Direct brownfield development, in Shaw

Shaw Councillor Howard Sykes MBE has countered Labour Cabinet Member Councillor Hannah Roberts assertion that both he and his fellow Liberal Democrat Councillors are opposed to housing development on the former Shop Direct site.

“Not only did Councillor Roberts completely misrepresent our position she also described the site as having previously been the ownership of Sports Direct, rather than Shop Direct,” said Councillor Sykes.

“In fact, all three local Liberal Democrat Councillors support housing on the site, as it is far better that it is developed than left empty and developing housing here will help take some pressure off Shaw and Crompton’s Green Belt.”

“Our concern is more that there has been no planning or provision for the extra health and school places that Shaw will require to meet the needs of all of the extra residents.”

The position of the Shaw and Crompton Liberal Democrat councillors was first succinctly set out when the plan went before the Council’s Planning Committee.

Councillor Chris Gloster, speaking as ward member for Shaw said that local councillors “broadly” welcomed the development and described it as “a good development of a brownfield site.”

“However, it is a major development, it is in the centre of Shaw and there’s obviously issues with the influx of up to 400 properties and anything between 800 to 1,600 new residents.

“The greatest concern for ward members and the community is the impact that these additional homes will have on the provision of health and education in the community which is as we know currently stretched.”

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