Questions needs to be asked of Pennine Care after missed opportunities to save a life

Shadow Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care and Crompton Councillor Louie Hamblett as written to the Joint Scrutiny Committee for Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Chair Councillor Colin McLaren to ask for an agenda item regarding the coroner’s report last year after multiple opportunities were missed to help the patient needs to be placed on the 18th January meeting. 

This is in regards to the community Eating Disorder Service to ensure what measure has and will be in place to prevent future deaths and what powers has been taken to ensure such actions.

This comes after the news the trust had been ordered to take urgent action after a woman with anorexia died after opportunities to engage with health services were missed, following a coroner’s report last year.

Councillor Hamblett added “Pennine Care take on a lot of responsibility by covering six different towns but that should be no reason for allowing standards to slip, we should hold them to account for this and for allowing seriously ill patients to discharged when deep down they know they could do something to ensure that person could potentially live.”

He finally added with “The Scrutiny Committee is a place where we as elected members who represent our residents and in some cases patients of Pennine Care need to hold the Trust to account to ensure they are getting the best service possible”

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