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If you think local – vote local

If you think local – vote local

This Thursday 3rd May, local people will vote in the local elections. Their vote will not change the Government but will elect a local Councillor.

The choice you have for a Councillor for this area are: one who has lived here all his life and who has a track record of standing up for Shaw or the Labour candidate from Royton who claims to live in the area!

It has been my honour and privilege to be your Councillor for more than 25 years. I am now asking for your support on Thursday.

This local election is important for local residents. It has only been one year since Labour has been in charge of Oldham Council. Here in Shaw we have already seen the closure of our tip; a massive increase in fly-tipping; dirtier streets and open spaces; and now Labour are trying to close our swimming baths.

Yet Labour (supported by the Conservatives) are looking to build a new pool in Royton, like the one they built in another Labour favoured area – Chadderton.

Many local residents have been telling us how much they appreciate the all year round work and action by the Liberal Democrat team here in Shaw Ward.

I and my colleagues all live locally and we always keep in touch with the ‘FOCUS’ leaflets – 30 years of action in total! As many residents keep saying, “You never hear from the other parties outside of election time”.

This election is going to be very close, between myself and Labour’s candidate from Royton. Just 98 votes separated the Lib Dems and Labour last year.

We need to send a clear message to Labour bosses at Oldham Council that Shaw deserves a fair deal.

We can win, but only with your support. By voting for me – Howard Sykes – you can ensure that I will continue to fight for the best deal for local people.

Best wishes – Howard Sykes

PS – This year’s local elections are not about the Government or national politics. They are about local issues and local people. They are about doing what’s best for Shaw and its residents.

Postive ACTION for Shaw – Vote Howard Sykes on 3rd May

Record of Action in Shaw

Click on the file above to view some of the things which have been achieved at the request of local residents.

When it comes to getting things done in Shaw, the record of Howard and your Shaw Focus Team is unparallelled. And they recognise there is more to do. That’s why your vote for Howard Sykes on 3rd May is a vote for positive action for Shaw.

Howard’s Personal Manifesto

Howard Campaigning to Save Shaw Baths Last Weekend

I’m Howard Sykes and I’d like to outline why I deserve your vote.

First and foremost I am a local lad, having grown up in Shaw and still living in the heart of the town – something which cannot be said for some of my opponents.

I and my colleagues work hard all year to get the views of local residents.

I listen to what people have to say and make sure these views are taken account of.

I can be contacted at; via email; phone; my address in Shaw and, at my regular advice centres.

I’ve fought hard for the things people tell me they want to see for themselves and their families, such as a new health centre, improvements to the roads and to tackle anti social behaviour.

There have been some successes recently with highway works completed on Grains Road and Beal Lane and alley- gates have been installed in a number of locations.

I have also been heavily involved with the successful bid to attract £1m of investment into Dunwood Park and in the recent improvements to Crompton Moor/Brushes Clough.

But I know there’s more to do.

I am the only candidate campaigning to save Shaw Baths from closure because I believe that the people of Shaw need this amenity in the local area rather than having to travel to Royton.

I’m also working hard for local people fighting the effects of the closure of Beal Hey Tip, and the increased litter and fly tipping being experienced as a result.

No wonder all some candidates in this election want to talk about is national politics.

This is a local election about local issues and about who is best placed to represent Shaw on Oldham Council.

I do hope I can count on YOUR support on Thursday 3rd May.

Best wishes and many thanks for reading this post.

Vote Liberal Democrat – Best Choice for Shaw and Oldham

These local elections are not about the Government. They are about what is happening here in our own Borough, in our own back yard, in our own communities.

Whoever wins on May 3rd it will not change the government.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party who take seriously the quality of the day to day environment of this Borough, things such as keeping the streets clean, keeping green spaces neat and tidy, investing in our roads and pavements, ensuring grids/gulleys are cleaned out regularly, and addressing anti social behaviour.

The last Lib Dem administration proved what we were about, despite inheriting an appalling financial position by the previous Labour administration in 2008:-

Youth anti social behaviour reduced by nearly 50% through the ‘GO Oldham’ initiative – now under threat because of Labour cuts to the youth service.

The Keep Britain Tidy Group officially recognised the streets of Oldham as the cleanest in Greater Manchester in 2010 – as everybody knows that is certainly not the case now!

We found the money to arrest the decay of Oldham Town Hall and stopped it from falling down – something which Labour vigorously opposed.

We found the money for the current refurbishment of the Coliseum Theatre.

These elections remember, are about local issues, local people and local decisions and, who you want to run Oldham Council.

There is a clear choice between Labour who promise expensive grand schemes which will put the Council back into serious debt versus the Liberal Democrats who have proven financial competence and look after your money responsibly.

However, we also ensure the things that matter day to day to people are sorted, like clean streets, anti social behaviour and bringing pride back to our communities.

The last 12 months has seen a litany of misleading information, half truths and undeliverable promises from Labour, so much so that the public are finding it hard to believe a single word they say.

Labour has said: “We will need to change, adapt and, most importantly listen.”

I suspect the residents of Shaw feel those words are very empty indeed – more than 700 of whom were ignored when the decision was made to build a new pool/ leisure complex in Royton Town Centre.
We showed in our alternative budget earlier this year there is enough money for new pools in both Royton and Shaw – it is all about choices and priorities. What was surprising was to see a majority of the five Conservative councillors supporting Labour in its budget plans.

In the last 12 months the streets have got dirtier, fly tipping has gone through the roof, hundreds and hundreds of people’s views dismissed as irrelevant and countless examples of Labour saying one thing and doing another.

Remember this is a local election and is about local communities, local people and local issues – the Liberal Democrats are the only alternative to Labour; the Conservatives can’t win here.

Please make sure your vote counts on 3rd May 2012.

Labour’s Candidate is Shy About Living in Royton

Labour’s campaign material is heavy on ridiculing Howard and light about what they would do for the residents and the area of Shaw and Crompton as emerged earlier.

It seems one reason for this is that the candidate is a resident of Royton, although you’d never know it from his election material.

So he has no plans to stop the closure of our local swimming pool and has nothing to say about the closure of Beal Hey Tip.

Wonder if there’s anything else he’s staying silent about?

Don’t Forget – Return Your Postal Vote Today

Howard PV Knock Up
The link above is a short step by step guide to how to vote by post.

And don’t forget to support your hard working local councillor and Shaw resident Howard Sykes.
Howard is working hard to earn your vote and has a track record in fighting for and getting improvements for Shaw and Crompton.

Your vote for Howard will mean continued positive ACTION to deal with important local issues and DELIVER improvements for Shaw and Crompton.