Lib Dem dogs on trams trial blocked by Labour and Conservative councillors


A Lib Dem motion asking Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) to make a decision about allowing dogs on trams was blocked by an alliance of Labour and Conservative councillors at its last meeting on Friday 17 July.

TfGM have been discussing dogs on trams for more than a year, with three separate reports being issued in just the last few months. TfGM’s public consultation revealed 71% in favour of the idea.

“Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats are proposing a 12 month trial allowing dogs on trams, off-peak only and with the dogs on a lead and under control, as happens on buses and trains,” stated Cllr Howard Sykes MBE, a Lib Dem and Oldham member of TfGM.

“We have all the information we need to make a decision and it beggars belief that, at such a busy time for TfGM, Labour and Conservative councillors want to spin this out for another six months.”

Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats will continue to press for a 12 month trial for dogs on trams when the issue comes back for councillors to consider in November.

“We can only hope that the Labour and Conservative councillors can agree to make a decision in November and not delay it yet further,” Cllr Sykes added.


Greater Manchester Liberal Democrats are proposing a 12 month trial of allowing non-assistance dogs to travel on trams during off-peak periods. All dogs should be on leads and not allowed on seats, but do not need to be muzzled, nor in a carrying box.

At the TfGM Committee meeting on Friday 17th July 2015 the Liberal Democrats proposed that, as all the information had been collected by officers, a decision should be made as quickly as possible. The proposal was rejected with every Labour and Conservative member voting against. The matter will next be considered by councillors in November.

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