Demolition of Shaw Baths


Investigatory work on the demolition of Shaw Baths is now taking place.

The demolition of the building is expected to start in January 2016.

I am sure many of you will agree with me when I say that it will be a sad day to see this building, which has been part of our heritage since it was built in 1899, no longer present in Shaw and Crompton.

Demolition – Provisional Timetable:

Asbestos Survey 08/10/15 – 09/10/15
Asbestos Removal 12/10/15 – 11/11/15
Planning Application submitted 12/10/15 or 13/10/15
Demolition of Building (approx. 10 weeks) 04/01/16 – 14/03/16

The site compound is shown edged blue below.

The red hatching shows the part of the road that will have a temporary closure on it for the duration of the demolition (this part of the road does not have any impact on any of the current car parking spaces).

The closure and site compound will enable safe working and give the contractors and their equipment space to manoeuvre.

Access to the site will be from High Street and the site compound.

Baths site

10 thoughts on “Demolition of Shaw Baths

  1. Helen Maloney says:

    Have we any idea what is going to be built on the land once it has been demolished?

    • howardsykes says:

      No idea and although I and colleagues keep asking we are told they have no plans for it.

      • SIMON FITTON says:

        With the greatest respect Councillor Sykes you are being fobbed off, I cannot believe ‘they’ would demolish a local amenity without having plans in place for the space it generates.
        If they truly don’t then it is an act of pure vandalism – we have the right to know exactly what is planned for the site. This is not just ‘Save Shaw Baths’ its also to ensure we are not left with another blight on the local landscape for years until ‘they’ decide what to build on the space.

        • howardsykes says:

          I think so also and it is part of the fight my colleagues and I regularly have. Also it is why I ask the question nearly on a weekly basis, and will be doing so again this afternoon when meet the Chief Executive.

  2. Staci says:

    This should NOT be happening.
    Once we demolish this building Shaw will have lost even more of it’s own buildings.
    we cannot keep demolishing, as it has been around since 1899 I am sure you can put this building forth to be a protected building, I am sick of our town just blazing through and demolishing old building that were there since BEFORE WE WERE BORN and should still be going. These building infact were built to last, our new builds aren’t; and if we keep demolishing we are chipping away at Shaw’s cultural identity and community identity.
    You’ve already taken our swimming pool, let’s not ruin the town any more than it already has been via Asda, closing of the pool, demolishing almost every single mill and thereby our history.

  3. John says:

    First the beautiful Old Town Hall building, now the bautiful Baths building and for what, please not more car parkng. We have enough spaces for the people wanting to vivsit Shaw as there is nothing to come here for. Even our waste disposal site was taken away.

  4. Ray Taylor says:

    We now have nothing left, from 1974 all demolished even the market. Good idea joining in with Oldham a real success story. Library next!

  5. Babs says:

    What about using this space for our new health centre which was promised about 10 years ago. Or are these just roumours that it may be a mosque

    • howardsykes says:

      We have long been campaigning for a new Health Centre that Shaw and Crompton desperately needs, only recently we have been to see the CCG and the CX of Oldham Council about it and discussions appear at long last to be making some progress – but we have been here before if you recall.

      Earlier this week I was in a meeting were I raised the Health Centre, and do so, as do my colleagues on every occasion.

      The site for the above is the former baths car park, with its sad demise, this makes the site even easier to develop for a health centre and that is what I and my colleagues have been working on for months now.

      I can assure you we are working hard leaving no stone un-turned on this but we want to be sure this is going to happen this time – last time works started and then were axed in 2010 by the outgoing Labour Government and the now defunct PCT.

    • howardsykes says:

      The mosque rumour raises its head with everything and is just untrue. It is on this site as it at the former Crickers PH which was the latest I was asked about.

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