Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Labour and Conservative councillors join up to block Lib Dem proposal to allow a trial for dogs on trams


The Leader of the Opposition and of the Liberal Democrat Group, Councillor Howard Sykes MBE, who sits on the Committee of Transport for Greater Manchester, has condemned Labour and Conservative Councillors for blocking a proposal to allow dogs on trams.

“Constituents have told me that they would like to see dogs allowed on trams, and TfGM’s own polling shows most people are in favour.  Dogs are allowed on buses and on trains without any problems so why not on trams?  This would enable responsible dog owners to take the tram across Greater Manchester to walk with their pet, or just use the tram to link into main line train services when visiting relatives or going on holiday,” claimed Councillor Sykes

“The Lib Dem proposal was a modest first step – a trial to allow dogs on trams.  Why the Labour and the Conservative councillors would gang up together to block even a trial, against the wishes of the public, beggars belief,” he added.

The decision was taken at the TfGM Policy sub-committee last Friday.  The Chair did not permit any discussion and moved directly to a vote.  A final decision will be made on Friday 13th November at the full TfGM Committee.

“We are not giving up,” Cllr Sykes said. “The Liberal Democrats will make the case next Friday – I will try to speak on this if I am allowed to.”

 The TfGM report proposing a limited trial of dogs on trams can be found here:

3 thoughts on “Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Labour and Conservative councillors join up to block Lib Dem proposal to allow a trial for dogs on trams

  1. David Bentley says:

    I’ll tell you why I can’t support this. As ‘responsible’ as some dog owners might be, many aren’t. And even when they are, the dogs themselves aren’t. I’m sick of being attacked on the street, in parks, even on Crompton Moor, by dogs which their owners insist are ‘only playing’ or ‘he only barks’ (in the latter case usually when they are baring their rabid, foaming teeth). As infrequently as I use the tram I don’t want them doing the same there as well. There are enough social misfits among the human users without introducing a canine element.

    • howardsykes says:

      A point of view I can understand.

      I do hope if anybody is attacked they do report it and appropriate action can be taken.

      I am afraid I agree re the comments of some of the other users on Metrolink.

      The facts from other trams systems were this is allowed show this is not a problem.

      For me it is why are they allowed on buses and trains but not trams, hence my suggestion for a trial.

      As I have said before I understand why some people will not support this but also hope they will understand why I do.

      Due to the vote last week this issue is I suspect the issue is now dead and buried for some considerable time.

      The main job now is to make sure the frequency of the trams is increase as promised and hopefully that will happen by early December.

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