Changes to bus services – 353/354 and new 355, and the 402

Changes effective 3 or 4 September


Following a number of requests from local councillors and residents Service 402 was revised to additionally serve the Thornham area in January 2017.

As part of this change the service was revised to no longer serve Grasmere Road in Royton. Following feedback it is proposed to make a further revision to reinstate the service along Grasmere Road by removing it from Firbank Road, Fir Lane and Dogford Road.

Service 408 maintains an hourly daytime service along Fir Lane and Dogford Road. Residents on Firbank Road will be a maximum distance of 340 metres from hourly services 402 & 408 and frequent service 409 which maintain links to Royton, Royal Oldham Hospital and Oldham town centre.

353/354 and 355

Services 353 and 354 provide a combined hourly service on Sunday daytimes between Ashton and Uppermill.

Between Mossley and Uppermill the services follow different routes via Grasscroft (353) or Greenfield (354).

It was agreed to replace these two services with new service 355 which would operate every two hours but extend beyond Uppermill to Denshaw, via Delph providing new Sunday daytime links.

The replacement of Sunday daytime services 353 and 354 with service 355 will enable extra running time to be given to Ashton local services 38, 41 and 345 which currently interwork with services 353/354.

There are no changes proposed to the Monday to Saturday daytime services 353 and 354.

It was agreed to replace the Sunday daytime journeys on services 353 and 354 with new service 355.

For some time usage on the Sunday daytime services 353 and 354 has been very low – on average less than 4 passengers per trip.

It is proposed to completely revising the routes to maintain service between Ashton, Mossley and Uppermill (reduced from hourly to every 2 hours) but extending the service to provide new Sunday links to residents of Greenfield (Shaw Hall Bank Road, Carr Lane), Dobcross Village, Delph (Palin Wood Road) and Denshaw.

Stockport Road and Mossley Road (between Mossley and Uppermill) would no longer be served, however, usage on this section is extremely low – a sample survey showed a total of 3 passenger trips across 8 Sunday daytime journeys. All affected passengers can use Saddleworth Local Link as an alternative. Greenfield village would no longer be served by this proposal (service 354) however links to Ashton, Mossley and Uppermill are maintained by hourly service 350.

This proposal ties in with the Total Transport project which aims to improve transport links in the Saddleworth area.

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