I urge Shaw and Crompton residents to respond to this by the 17 June – public asked to share their thoughts on Metrolink fare zones

I would urge people to ask that Shaw and Crompton is put in Zone 3 like the rest of Oldham Borough’s tram stops.

TfGM statement below:

Public asked to share their thoughts on Metrolink fare zones

A public engagement exercise has launched today, Friday 1 June, giving the public the chance to give their feedback on proposals to introduce a zonal fares system across the Metrolink network.

A special webpage has been developed that sets out the proposals in detail, including proposed zones and fares.

The proposal would replace the existing system with an easy to understand four-zone system, offering simpler, more flexible and better value fares.

Fares would be calculated based on the number of zones you travel in, with each zone only counted once.

Return fares (peak and off-peak) would be replaced by daily travel cards allowing unlimited travel within the selected zones.

Clearer, fairer and more flexible, the change would cut the current 8,500 stop-to-stop fare combinations to just ten.

Significantly, it would also help to pave the way for a fully-integrated ticketing system for Greater Manchester.

If approved by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in July fare zones would be introduced in early 2019.

The public are being asked to share their feedback on the proposed changes via an online survey. The closing date for replies is midnight on Sunday 17 June.

More information about the changes can be found at www.tfgm.com/zonal

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