Pencil Brook Culvert Repairs – construction starts Sept 18 for 12 weeks

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Drop in on the 25th July 2018 at Shaw Lifelong Learning Centre, 6 High St, Shaw, Oldham OL2 8RQ at 17.30 – 19.00 to discuss the work to Pencil Brook culvert


The Environment Agency carried out an inspection of three culverts on Pencil Brook – Pencil Brook culvert, Smallbrook Road culvert and Railway culvert in 2016. These identified numerous defects that could lead to the collapse of the culvert. If the culvert was to collapse approximately 142 residential properties and the railway line would be at a very significant risk of flooding.

The Environment Agency commissioned consultants to design a repair scheme in 2017. A Business Case was prepared and was recently approved to spend £1.4m to complete the necessary repair works.

Oldham Council

Your local councillors (Diane Williamson, Dave Murphy, Julia Turner, Chris Gloster, Howard Sykes and Hazel Gloster) are delighted that the culvert work is being completed and although we know there may be inconvenience for residents during the work, we hope it will alleviate the flood risk in the area in the future. Your councillors will be available at the drop in.

Access / Temporary closures

While there will be footpath closures and restrictions to traffic, we endeavour to keep these to a minimum.

Valley Rise, Wooded Area

Much of the repair work is in Valley Rise wooded area running into Lower Valley Rise up to the school. Access is required into the woodland for heavy plant to install a new lining system to the badly damaged pipes. Trimming and removal of trees will be necessary but this will be kept to a minimum. The extent of this work has been reviewed with the Oldham Council Tree Officer. It will be necessary to restrict access through the woods for a few weeks while this work is completed for safety reasons. It will also be necessary to over pump the flows while the new lining systems are installed. Pump hoses will cross roads with ramps for periods.

Smallbrook Road Area

 The short culvert crossing Smallbrook Road is blocked with silt and needs cleaning and some repairs. It will be necessary to close the car park next to the bowling green while this work is carried out.

Railway View Area

 The car park will also be used for the Railway culvert works. United Utilities are supporting us in allowing the project team to utilise their using their combined sewer network for “over pumping”. This allows us to “dry up” the culvert in order to make the repairs. It also reduces the over-land disruption to the local area. It will be necessary to dig down to the culvert in three locations to complete repairs.


•           Engagement session in Shaw Lifelong Learning Centre – 25th July

•           The logistics and the planning for construction work – July and August.

•           Construction work will follow in September 2018 for 12 weeks.

2 thoughts on “Pencil Brook Culvert Repairs – construction starts Sept 18 for 12 weeks

  1. Steve Grant says:

    Hi, I was away for the drop in day. Where there any points that came out of the day with regards to the works? Let me know. Thanks.

    • howardsykes says:

      Nothing new that is not covered in the letter and post on web site. Just gave people opportunity to speak face to face with those doing the works and also who to contact if any issues.

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