Building collapse St Paul’s Church, Rochdale Road, Shaw. Road now closed in this location and diversions are in force


At approx. 12.10 am on Thursday 21st February 2019, Building Control were notified by First Response of a partial collapse of the roof at Saint Paul’s Methodist Church on Rochdale Road Shaw. The building was formally the home of two nursery school but is currently unoccupied.

Initial response was from the local Fire Authority with Building Control attendance at site at 12.30am. Following a preliminary assessment of the building. Building Control made the immediate area safe. This required a road closure on the Chapel Street elevation and isolation with barriers, with information fed back thorough first response.

The during the early part of Thursday morning the Church was notified of the incident with Building Control requesting the attendance of their appointed Structural Engineers.

Following a more detailed inspection of the building by Building Control, and the Churches appointed Structural Engineers. The Council’s highways department were contacted to introduce local traffic management plan to allow a programme of work to be instigated to ensure the buildings safety. The current protection measures are those considered necessary by the Churches Structural Engineer to ensure public safety.

The traffic management plan is likely to be in place for the next few weeks while the works are underway. Whilst there is a restriction on local traffic in the area we are hopeful that day to day impact on local businesses and residents will be kept to a minimum.

Rochdale Road, Shaw has been closed between Crompton Way and St Mary’s Gate due to the collapse at St Paul’s Church; the closure is required for a two week period to allow the building to made safe but every effort will be made to re-open the road at the earliest opportunity.

General traffic will be diverted along Eastway, High Street and Crompton Way but the distribution centre traffic is being diverted along Beal Lane, Grains Road, Hillside Avenue and Buckstones Road; we have used this route previously when Beal Lane has been closed at the level crossing.  To ensure this route is available for use we are making arrangements for ‘no parking’ cones to be introduced along the diversion route together with temporary lights at the junction of Buckstones Road and Milnrow Road to enable the HGV’s to make the required turning manoeuvres.

I have attached a sketch of the proposed diversion routes.

See link: Rochdale Rd Closure Shaw

The blue route is for general traffic and the yellow one is the route that we have instructed the Distribution Centres HGV’s to take.

Me and my councillor colleagues Chris Gloster and Hazel Gloster have already asked the following questions:

  1. What is plan to make safe?
  2. Does this involve demolishing all or part of building?
  3. Who’s taking responsibility for the work.
  4. When is it likely to start?
  5. When is it likely to finish?
  6. Who is single point of contact to address issues/complaints to/from Councillors and public(building)?
  7. Who is single point of contact to address issues/complaints to/from Councillors and public (roads and diversions)?

As we get more information we will share with residents and businesses.  We all need to be thankful nobody was hurt in this collapse.

One thought on “Building collapse St Paul’s Church, Rochdale Road, Shaw. Road now closed in this location and diversions are in force

  1. Lorraine Brown says:

    Thank you for this Howard. It is good to get an update from someone who has taken the trouble to report the facts. So many people are trying to blame the Parish Council and OMBC for the plight of the building. It is not a public building and as such is the reponsiblity of the owners. It’s a pity that it has come to this; buildings on a listed register are more at risk of deteriorating as the owners can’t afford to preserve them to the very high standard needed. Let’s hope that things can get moving soon.

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