Time to clamp down on parking offenders says councillor Sykes

Oldham’s Liberal Democrat Leader and Shaw representative, councillor Howard Sykes MBE has called on Oldham Council to clamp down on persistent parking offenders. 

Councillor Sykes said, “Pavement parking and inconsiderate, or illegal parking is a real nuisance in our communities, especially in our town centres.  I am calling on Oldham Council to get tough on repeat offenders – just as other councils have done.  The only way we are going to change things is by showing people that there are consequences for being a nuisance to other people on our roads and pavements.”

The Department for Transport defines a persistent offender as someone with three or more Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).  Councillor Sykes is calling for Oldham Council to seize vehicles of persistent offenders until a release fee has been paid. 

Councillor Sykes has written to Oldham Council’s Executive Director for Place and Economic Growth Emma Barton, calling on Oldham to formally adopt these additional powers.

Councillor Sykes said, “This is about getting the basics right.  The biggest problem for Oldham Council is they are toothless when it comes to actually pursuing offenders.  For people to stop persistently breaking the rules, there must be serious consequences.  If we took the step of seizing the vehicles of those who regularly offend – just as other councils like Plymouth have done – we could drastically reduce nuisance parking.  Using these powers will be warmly welcomed by law abiding citizens who park responsibility.”  

2 thoughts on “Time to clamp down on parking offenders says councillor Sykes

  1. Carol Simkiss says:

    If people didn’t park on pavements most of the side streets in Shaw would not be accessible to other road users. What people should do is leave enough space for wheelchair/pushchair access when parking. Larger vehicles such as fire engines or ambulances would have no chance if pavement parking was not allowed. I live in a cul de sac and if cars park only on the road across from my drive, it’s difficult to get my car off my drive.

    • howardsykes says:

      Agree 100% those that don’t do this spoil it for the majority, and that is who needs to be targeted like on main roads where those with prams etc are forced onto the highway. I also like on a cul-de sac that with some common sense it is not an issue for pedestrian’s or car users.

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