#BeMoorAware – enjoy and respect the countryside

#BeMoorAware – enjoy and respect the countryside

Oldham Council, Greater Manchester Police, and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service are raising awareness about the dangers of moorland fires and their consequences over the next few months.

Please support the #BeMoorAware campaign to show how discarded cigarettes, fires, and barbecues can cause severe damage.

The campaign will also remind people that they could be fined or prosecuted if they ignore the fire ban on the moors.

If you see a fire on the moors, call 999 immediately.

When visiting the countryside, please act responsibly and respect the area and its residents.

2 thoughts on “#BeMoorAware – enjoy and respect the countryside

  1. Mrs Marian Herod says:

    I’ve been informed that camp fires are becoming more and more regular in Black Hey. Youths sitting around taking drugs.

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