Petition to allow dogs on trams

Liberal Democrats in Shaw and Crompton are calling for dogs to be allowed on trams across Greater Manchester. Currently dogs are allowed on buses and trains in Greater Manchester and are even allowed on the London Underground. Cllr Howard Sykes said, “Transport for Greater Manchester don’t seem to have any real reasons why dogs shouldn’t be allowed on trams. There doesn’t seem any need for a ban.” “It’s disappointing that Labour and the Conservatives voted to delay this decision. I believe dog owners in Shaw and Crompton should be able to use trams as they can use buses and trains at the moment.”

2 thoughts on “Petition to allow dogs on trams

  1. Catherine and John Mallon says:

    Many thanks for the updates, which we find useful.
    One thing we cannot agree with you on is the issue of dogs on trams. We’re very disappointed to read that you’re supporting it.
    Peter Cushing, TfGM, said, ‘This bye-law was introduced in the interests of passenger health and safety because Metrolink operates as a high-frequency, high-volume, unstaffed system and there is no representative available on board to assess the potential risk posed by animals.’
    We agree with him and don’t think things should change. Having travelled on a very busy tram, outside rush hour, we were able to see how a dog in the mix could be an accident waiting to happen. It doesn’t bear thinking about.
    We’ve expressed our concern about this before, to TfGM, but still worry that our views, and those of many other people, are being ignored.

    • howardsykes says:

      Many thanks for your comment – always helpful to know what people think about such matters. I am suggesting a trial and at off peak. The issue for me is why is a dog Ok on a bus and Ok on a train, but not a tram which might be the only public transport option, and certainly will be the quickest. They are allowed without reported incident on other similar tram networks. Appreciate some people will not agree, it just feels unfair to ban them when there is not the evidence or not even a trial to see. Once again thanks for taking the time to let me know your views.

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